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How to Brush with a Manual toothbrush

To do a good job brushing, you need to make sure your getting all the areas. If your preference is a regular toothbrush, there is a specific way to be effective. Additionally, there are other things you can do to make sure you are being effective at brushing. You can always make sure that you

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Glitchy Toothbrush Timers & Bluetooth

Glitchy bluetooth toothbrushes make it difficult to know if you are brushing for the full 2 minutes. There is a toothpaste that will show you if you are brushing all the plaque away called Plaque HD. You can use this with any toothbrush and you will know if you are doing a good job between

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My brushing routine

I really wanted to share what I do when I brush my teeth. The Sonicare for kids is less vibrations per minute than the adult. I still really like it though. I have sensitive gums. Also, the Plaque HD toothpaste to me is another tool to being a better brusher. It highlights the plaque on

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My Mom- NEW Toothpaste & Rinse

My mom is really silly and fun. Check her out when she tries the Plaque HD toothpaste and Extreme Dry Mouth Remineralizing Mouth Rinse.   Facebook: facebook.com/kthehygienist/ Instagram: https instagram.com/katiethehygienist/ Plaque HD SHOP: plaquehdpro.com/us/katiethehygienist 4VIPPASS to save $4 off Plaque HD toothpaste

First Product Review Twice

I went Facebook live and got up enough confidence to make the video. Thanks for your love and support. Its not easy being in front of the camera. Furthermore, I am working on my VOICE!     Alternatively, you can check out  my Facebook Live video on my YouTube channel and see it when I

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Life hack # 2 Plaque identifying toothpaste 

As a kid, my parents used to take me and my little brother to the dentist together for our cleanings. The dentist would give us these pink tablets to chew on after we brushed to see how well we did. I would cringe at the nurse ratchet style scolding my little brother would get. It

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Help! My Bleeding Gums

  Toothpaste Brand Comparison There’s a new toothpaste out there for bleeding gums. Have you seen the Commercial by GSK?  It makes me wonder, what makes this toothpaste different than other brands? Does it really do what it claims? I’m going to a side by side comparison of the current two top toothpastes for bleeding gums.

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