For Dental Professionals

Why wait until there’s a cavity or periodontal disease to recommend a specific toothpaste? Plaque HD helps patients SEE the plaque buildup so they can destroy it. No plaque = less decay and infection. Period.

“In simple terms, you brush, spit, smile. If there is any green on your teeth you put the brush back in your mouth and brush until the green is gone.” Plaque HD toothpaste is unlike any toothpaste or disclosing agent you have ever used in that it is a regular fluoride toothpaste with a disclosing agent built right into it.
* Without staining
* While tasting great
* Without the risk of cracking wires
* Without the allergens and other obvious reasons to stay away from red dyes

Active Ingredient: .024% Sodium Fluoride AntiCavity

Inactive Ingredients:  Water, sorbitol, hydrated silica, glycerin, tertrasodium pyrophosphate, sodium benzoate, sodium lauryl sulphate, flavor, carbomer, cellulose gum, annatto extract, sodium saccharin, disodium EDTA, blue No.1

Clinical Uses

  • High Risk caries
  • Geriatrics (even if reduced dexterity)
  • Orthodontics
  • Pediatrics
  • Periodontitis

Benefits to Patients

  • Facilitate patient compliance
  • Great Taste
  • Not Messy like disclosing tablets are
  • Kids Friendly: the color and taste encourages them to brush longer and makes brushing fun.

Plus, more unique products on their way

For first time Dental Office Orders, simply create an account to order online.

Once you have created an account and are ready to order, you can get special pricing through me as a distributor and brand ambassador for Plaque HD. Any current promotions, I will need to call in or email once an account is created. Feel free the email me if you have any questions:

Plaque HD SHOP:
4VIPPASS to save $4 off Plaque HD toothpaste





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