Dental Office controlled by Insurances

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Writing prompt:

Make a case for the insurance driven practice

Prompts for writing – provided by Shirley Gutkowski.

Every dentist office runs differently. Some take insurance, some don’t, some take it all and get paid almost nothing for doing a check-up and cleaning but how does the office survive. If your dentist knows and works with your insurance often, then they know how to figure out how to help you if you need anything done. Furthermore, its difficult to across the board make a case for a practice being controlled by dental insurance since we all know or have heard how insurance likes to deny deny deny.

Any office that knows your insurance well, can make a system where it can be a smooth process even when procedures are constantly getting denied. This can take hours of phone time, and I have seen it, but with a good system and a great team, it doesn’t have to be a so bad. I have seen offices knowing they do not make any profit on a dental check-up because of how little the insurance pays and make it work.

The answer is providing the standard of care for every person seen in that office. Recognizing for each individual what their needs are and educating each person what those needs are. For example, adults over 40 have a high risk of dry mouth with many other factors involved, so that person cannot just walk in have a dental cleaning and leave. They need to know how to prevent the cavities that they are at risk for because of this, what we can do in the office to prevent that, and how this affects their gums health related to periodontal disease. Dental insurance can tell us X,Y, Z, but this doesn’t change what each persons needs are. That is how we make it work.


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