Life Hack #4 Extreme Dry Mouth

Life hack for Extreme Dry Mouth

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At some time or another, you may have experienced an extremely dry mouth.  Did you know its the most common side effect of allergy medicines? It actually the most common side effect of all drugs both over the counter and prescription.  As we are deeper into spring and the high pollen count, you may notice it more. Extremely more. In fact, Spring and Fall seasons are the worst for dry air, that’s why Smokey the Bear is on Extremely High Alert for forest fires right now.

The goal of treating a dry mouth is to figure out why you have a dry mouth in the first place. Are you dehydrated and not drinking enough water? Are you taking in too much caffeine? Is it that dry time of year that your allergy medicine is causing an extremely difficult situation making it hard to speak, swallow, and giving you a bad breath? Whatever the cause, you have to remember that if your mouth is dry, then the bacteria in your mouth and plaque are sticking to your teeth and gums.  Dry mouth actually contributes to getting cavities on your teeth and bleeding gums. Like Smokey says, “Only you can prevent forest fires,” and just like your mouth, its important to prevent a problem before it starts.

For the longest time, I always told my patients to try Biotene for Dry Mouth. Well, they changed the formula and it doesn’t work. I know because I was using it. Alternatively I have heard of people swishing with coconut oil, but that stuff clogs your drains! I am really excited of this formula by Plaque HD offering a mouth rinse for the Extremely Dry Mouth. It looks like by the ingredients that it will out-perform any other Dry Mouth Rinse out there! Some of the ingredients include Aloe, Vitamin E, Green Tea Extract for extra hydration, and Natural Avocado oil. It also naturally whitens your teeth, which is something I personally like in my mouthwash.

Here’s the scoop:


Plaque HD Dry Mouth Rinse:

No Alcohol
No Propylene Glycols
No Fluoride
No Artificial Sweeteners
No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
No Animal Testing

Aids in the Hydration and Re-Moisturizing the whole mouth to combat Extreme
Dry Mouth symptoms.
With Daily use and repeated application as needed, the unique proprietary Natural Essential Oil Complex help in coating and reducing excessive moisture loss, while The combination of Natural sweetener XYLITOL, Inner Leaf Aloe extract, Vegetable derived Glycerin, and Natural Green Tea Extract in addition to the other Humectants Deeply hydrate the oral tissue.

Kills Germs That Cause Bad Breath
Long Lasting Fresh Breath
Gently Whitens Teeth without harsh chemicals
With Baking Soda, to actively Neutralize Acids & Natural Whitening action
Rich in Minerals that help restore minerals on teeth
Xylitol, Natural Sweetener with beneficial minerals for the enamel
With Zinc Citrate to Freshen Breath & help reduce Plaque
Natural Mints & Tea Tree Oil complex for a naturally Cleansing action
Natural Essential Oils & Aloe extracts to help in refreshing mouth and aid in reducing oral cavity bacteria naturally
Fortified with Antioxidant Natural Vitamin E enhance gum and tissue health
Natural Avocado Oil, Green Tea extracts for a healthier mouth



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