Leap, JUMP, & See how far you go

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People automatically think that when you’re spreading yourself and so many different new  directions that you’re spreading yourself too thin but that’s not always true when you give yourself the room to see how far you can jump. You give yourself more opportunities to share your gift to help others do the same -Steve Harvey

The first thing in nature that comes to mind when I think, JUMP is a wild cat. Like a tiger, cougar, or panther of some kind. Animals that large that run that fast aren’t lazy. For the amount of calories they have to burn to eat, I imagine they have to outrun they meals and be up and early everyday to do it.

I recently saw a 3-episode documentary that had my mind blown about the Galapagos. The dragons jump off the cliffs into the cold Pacific just to breath-hold dive down to eat the mossy green-age on the rocks below. Imagine this cold blooded reptile on a barren land created by Lava with no greenery at all. You look around and see death just ash and grayness. Then the sun comes out and warms you, enlightens you to see what is beyond. And one by one you jump so many feet into the harsh cold waves just to look beyond. Even after a few bites to get your through another day, you still need to make it back. Those waves are great for surfers, but for a reptile like that. Takes some GUSTO. And one by one when one dragon comes back fulfilled you see several dragons jumping in to do the same. And just like that, the dragon helped others by seeing how far he could jump.

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