Without a vision, dream, or goal … it’s game-over

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I am posting a 7 day series to fill the void of when I will be on vacation. I call this Reflections of my mind. Reflection #1: Without a vision, dream, or goal … it’s game-over.

There is a movement in the field of Dentistry to get outside of the operatory and not be stuck in your job. Like nurses, EMTs, paramedics, doctors, repetitive work can be mind numbing. I can totally relate to my colleagues who feel at a loss and feel stuck that they don’t know what to do. I have to share this one thing. This one thing that I learned the hard way in so many areas of my life. You must have a vision or a dream. Any successful business or relationship has one, or should have one. What is your purpose? What gives you drive when you get up in the morning? I am not saying I am unhappy in my work, but there is more than going to work every day and your job cannot fulfill you.
Whatever you believe there’s a very simple proverb that states “where there is no vision people perish”. Deep down inside I always had a vision but I never put it into motion. Other visions beyond my control, could not be put into motion, and it was “game-over”. Unlike most people I always knew that one thing that I was good at. I also was really never afraid of trying new things . Even when people would tell me that spreading yourself too thin to try new things, unlike most people, I was never afraid of spreading myself too thin to try new things. The thing is the more I do the less people that are around me that are doing the same.

I learned the hard way that even without a vision in your relationships it cannot grow it perishes. You may have the vision, but your partner may not have the same vision or goal, business or personal. The same as for your career. Yes I am a dental hygienist but up until recently I had no vision. I was literally working without fulfillment it was not a career it was a job. I really want everyone to know that if you want to get out of that office, you first need to find what is your gift. Your gift is what you do the best with the least amount of effort.

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