History of Probing

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Writing Prompt #3 Explore the history of probing, is it a buggy whip or a Ferrari?

Prompts for writing – provided by Shirley Gutkowski.

Probing, no, not that. Probing is when we check your gums for “deep pockets”. Think your teeth are surrounded by your gums like a long sleeve shirt and wrist cuff. Where the Cuff is loose, bacteria gets in and it gets worse. That makes a “deep pocket”. That’s why your dental cleaning may not be as fun as it was when you were picking bubblegum or grape flavored toothpaste as a kid.

The history of probing probably came from a really smart dentist, hygienist, or assistant who noticed that their instrument could go a little deeper into the gums on some people and not others. Probing for gum health really could have been discovered when a dental assistant was making a temporary crown, a dentist was packing cord for an impression, or a dental hygienist was noticing the ledge of buildup was still bleeding after cleaning(indicating that there is something still causing irritation underneath the gums.) “Well, that’s not supposed to happen.” Hmm, anyone know the history of probing the gums? I’m sure that todays probing techniques are a Ferrari compared to the Buggy whip style of last century.

My Ferrari style probe is anything plastic. I just feel like it slides under the gums with precision and gives me such a perfect reading. Anything metal to me is a hoopty handme down wannabe and doesn’t give me a good reading. Its like trying to clean an implant with a plastic instrument. Plastic scalers are just so bulky for that task but they are perfect for taking depth readings.

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