Healthy Mouth 101

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Writing Prompt #2 “Microbiome exposed to CHX, does it change? Is that a bad thing?”


For those of you reading this, its a dental thing. Because there is a thought that we should kill the bacteria in the mouth with CHX, a prescription mouthrinse. CHX or Chlorhexidine causes major staining. Not even the dentist I work for will prescribe it. Its minor compared to the stain you see from the Crest Pro-Health rinses and now other brands with “Stannous Fluoride”, in that exact form. And I already think that staining is pretty bad. Think black borders on your crowns and white fillings. No thank you.

If all the bacteria is gone, what’s left. EWW. I don’t like killing good bacteria too. Think about it. Your supposed to eat yogurt when your taking Anti-biotic. Your trying to inject Lactobacillus Acidophilus into your system. Do you see where I am going with this? Logistically though,  the thought is, use it for a short time only and it will help with gum disease and kill aggressive bacteria in your mouth. I honestly work in many offices and cover friends when I can and I don’t see this being prescribed all that much. In fact, I see more of my friends going the natural route. Think “Tooth and Gum Tonic” or “Plaque HD Extreme Dry Mouth Rinse”. Both have excellent comparable pure essential oils, have no alcohol or chemicals, and do not stain to kill bacteria in the mouth and promote gum healing.

So the question is, “does it change, is it a bad thing?” Bacteria in my book needs to be physically removed. That is why brushing effectively is so important. Furthermore, that is why effective cleaning by means of floss or Air water flosser/ Waterpik is so important especially if you have “deep pockets.” SO, does it change, NO! And that is not such a bad thing. Tighten up those gums and brush better. Make a change in your routine. I repeat, make a change in your routine. Mouthrinse in my book is an adjunctive therapy. Meaning, this is something you add to your routine to make it better. But, if your routine needs improvement, get back to the basics. See what needs attention. Can I brush longer? Am I getting all the plaque? Does the floss get everything? If not, invest yourself in a Air water flosser/ Waterpik. Alternatively, you can try a toothpaste that shows you where you are missing. Check this out:


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