Life hack # 2 Plaque identifying toothpaste 

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As a kid, my parents used to take me and my little brother to the dentist together for our cleanings. The dentist would give us these pink tablets to chew on after we brushed to see how well we did. I would cringe at the nurse ratchet style scolding my little brother would get. It was really hard to hear as a kid considering my parents already would reprimand him at home for the same thing. I digress.

As adults, there are many things I wonder why we don’t do anymore at the dentist. Like why are dental Sealants only for kids? And what about those pink tablets? Is it assumed that because we are adults, we don’t need that extra encouragement that we could do a better job in some areas? I think anyone could benefit from that. Furthermore, wouldn’t you rather prevent the build-up on your teeth by making sure it’s all brushed off? I am a dental hygienist and I can tell you, the more effective you’re brushing, the easier your dental cleaning will be with me.

Plaque HD is unique because it encourages you to keep brushing. It uses a special technology derived from plant based dyes and shows you what you left behind. Until all the color is removed, this toothpaste will encourage you to use effective and proper brushing techniques. Every time you brush your teeth, the amount of color will be less and less as you will be doing a better job each time you use it.

For kids or the kid in you, Plaque HD comes in Berry Bubblegum flavor.

For the adults and kids that are growing up too fast, it also comes in Fresh Mint flavor.

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