Dummy proof Toothpaste


Finally a toothpaste that has caught up with the rest of technology.

We all know that there are tons of toothpastes out there and most of us stick to what we know. That isn’t always a good thing either. Most of the big brand names don’t even have an approval from the American Dental Association to back up their claims. Of all the brands we know, there is no other toothpaste with the technology of Plaque HD .

Plaque HD toothpaste makes sure that you do a good job by highlighting the areas missed with a tint. Simply rinse and spit and give the mirror a smile. If you didn’t get all the areas, the toothpaste will let you know.

Plaque HD gave me a coupon code to share. I reached out to them because I love coupons. Please take advantage of this code while its still valid. This is a great gift for anyone. As a hygienist, I find myself reminding patients every day to brush along the gum line. This will not only be great at preventing cavities but by brushing those gums better, your breathe will thank you. Your gums will love it, its plant based too!

Every adult over 40 should use this toothpaste because cavities along the gum line are still the highest risk. Cavities made worse if you suffer from a dry mouth.

Teenagers and kids should especially use this because, well DUH!

It’s Gluten-free too!
Plaque HD shop

For an exclusive coupon, put in the code at checkout and please share:

$4 off per tube  4VIPPass

$3 off per tube  SpecialtyPromo3

Plaque HD shop

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kthehygienist/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katiethehygienist/
Plaque HD SHOP: http://plaquehdpro.com/us/plaquehd.html

Facebook: facebook.com/kthehygienist/
Instagram: https instagram.com/katiethehygienist/
Plaque HD SHOP: plaquehdpro.com/us/katiethehygienist
4VIPPASS to save $4 off Plaque HD toothpaste

2 comments on “Dummy proof Toothpaste”

  1. Honestly I just heard about it but I am really excited. I cant wait to get some so I can make a video about it


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