Captured by the Sea

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“The sea once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” Jacques  Cousteau

Scuba diving is one thing that makes me feel like I can fly. It opens my eyes to a world that I rarely can see and gives me a sense of focus. When I’m flying in the water, I’m focused on my breathing, my surroundings. I am enjoying everything around me. I find a sense of gratitude that I often times take for granted. I don’t stop and smell the roses, but I do stop and focus on staying neutral—ly buoyant and gliding through the water. Scuba for me is like a deep meditation where I can appreciate everything around me and find that feeling of peace that I long for. Simple things like watching my bubbles become living art in a Andy Warhol museum.

Within the next 3 weeks I plan on finishing my PADI Professional certification, PADI Divemaster. This has so many meanings for me. As a dental professional, it gives me a sense of accomplishment to a new level of helping people. As a person who loves the ocean, it gives me pride to be a part of an organization that promotes marine conservation. Additionally, as a person who is outgoing and craves the change of environment, it gives me numerous opportunities to get wet and get diving.

What do you do that makes you feel appreciation and gives you peace?

Here is the first video I ever made using my GoPro underwater. Enjoy!

PS: My Hero5 Black with 4K video quality is on the way so more Scuba Videos will be up soon! Stay Tuned!

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