“Feel that tingle, that’s boldness”

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“Fact: Brushing only cleans 25% of your mouth. Opinion: If we only brushed we would have never reached the moon. And we’re not ones to stop at 25%.”

-Listerine Mouth Coach

The only time I am not a fan of Listerine is when Costco isn’t selling the Listerine Zero (no alcohol version) and I am forced to feel the tingle. That’s not bold, …

Give me a “yup” if your one of those people who tries really hard to follow directions (me) and ends up swishing for the full 30 seconds after you burned your Incisive papilla on pizza, or in my case soup. If your not one of those people who swishes for the full 30 seconds, than your one of the smart ones or you are really smart and buy Listerine Zero.

TIP:  If your one of those people who gets cavities or has lots of crowns, only the PURPLE Listerine has the Fluoride that helps prevent cavities. The other ones do not have it.

Check out the link for a coupon code for a Gluten free Plant Based toothpaste:

Dummy proof Toothpaste


Click here for Listerine Coupons

Listerine Coupon

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