Every parent needs to know at the dentist

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I have a lot of friends with kids and I wanted to share something that has been newly approved in the US and Canada by the FDA. Its something we in the field called “SDF. ” Basically its a fluoride that tattoos the teeth wherever there is a cavity. It literally stops the cavity from spreading. For those of you with small ones that are terrified of going to the dentist and they have cavities, this is such an awesome way to stop the cavity from getting bigger without using the drill or needing to get numb.

Let me explain. SDF is a type of fluoride treatment similar to the one we give after a cleaning visit to help remineralize any weak enamel and teeth structure. SDF stands for Silver Diamine Fluoride. What that means is that there is silver in it so it will stain the cavity like a tattoo. We literally paint the tooth.  The great thing is it may only need two visits to stop the cavity. The only thing is if the cavity already got too deep into the tooth, it may need a little more TLC.

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