The Thing about Sundays

Stress is Dirt


We all know we can’t go to Chik-fil-a on a Sunday. There’s a lot of things that we can’t do on a Sunday. This doesn’t mean that I am not going to be productive though and work on me.

The little thing about perspective is everything around me may be the same but its all how you look at it. I am going to share something with you all that proves my point.¬† Very recently, my full-time job working in Public Health as a Dental Hygienist was shut-down. Strung along, my co-workers and I hoped and prayed that the company was only undergoing temporary changes and to no avail, in a short phone conference we all got the news that New Jersey would no longer we offering these dental services to under-privileged kids . We were all officially¬†terminated from our jobs. For most of my co-workers, this was their primary job and it was for me too. I applied to every dental office I could, no matter how far of a drive, I was not going to be unemployed. I already worked Saturdays, so this wasn’t as hard a hit for me as it was for my friends. 12 W-2’s later, and I am finally working full-time.

Now I could look at this and say wow, for 6 months, I was strung along and play victim. I could have collected un-employment and relaxed a bit. But if I would have wasted those 6 months not looking and applying for other positions, when the company announced the shut-down, I would have been worse off. Unemployment only lasts 6 months anyway.

The funny thing about Sundays is its the designated day of rest. But I take a different spin on it. It my designated day of cultivating. To grow you have to dig a hole and put dirt on a seed. That dirt builds character and the more dirt, the more you have to push through. So bring it! Whatever dirt you want to throw at me, I will get through it. Steve Harvey did!


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