My First Blog Post

Inspiring Video to JUMP and my inner passions. Follow me for my next blog post.

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This is my first entry to my new SeaofTeeth.COM . I want to share with the world my two passions. One is undeniably dental related and the other love of mine is the ocean and scuba. I want to say first and foremost that this passion to write comes from my deep need to JUMP! Steve Harvey said it best. If you are good at it, do it. He hit rock bottom, like below sea level low and look at him now. He lived in his car for 3 years, dropped out of college, had 2 divorces and now has so many doors open to him that I find it so inspiring. He knew what he was good at. Comedy. Please check out his video on YouTube. If your trying to find your true self and what your good at or you know what that is then JUMP! Can you find a reason not to?


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